I know exactly what it is like to go through cancer treatment. 

I know what it feels like to be sinking into a deep dark hole of needles, medicine, and surgeries. I also know that there are side effects of these treatments that children must deal with for the rest of their lives. I hate it when children stare at my scars with looks of pity. I survived, but the scars on my body and my heart will never go away.

After one and a half years of living in the hospital, nine cycles of chemo, 15 surgeries, endless needles, emotional and physical pain, on my last day of chemo, I was the happiest person in the world. But when I looked around the hospital at every kid who was suffering, I realized that other children are going through the torture that had just ended for me. I decided to start my foundation—Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation—with my sister and family, and we have been giving back and helping other children diagnosed with cancer so that they can be spared the pain that I felt. I show them emotional support and financial help so that they can fight together with their parents, and so the children can stand up for themselves. I also spread awareness about childhood cancer by singing and making speeches.  

To keep helping kids and their families, and to make my foundation strong, I need your help!

Elana Koenig, Founder of KCCF

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Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation
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1175 York Ave., Suite 15E New York, NY 10065

T: 917-765-6272

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